Lundy’s Hydro Dips. LLC started in 2017. We went to training at Ozark Hydrographics in Missouri and have been dipping anything  we can since. We use the best materials available to deliver the highest quality products.

Hydrographics has several generic names. Some of the names include hydro dipping, hydro graphics printing, water transfer printing, camo dipping and many more. What can it be applied to? Any 3D object that is made from metal, plastic, glass, and hardwood that can be dipped. Some of the most popular items to be dipped are guns, bows, skulls, automotive trim, wheels, and so much more.

Hydro dipping is made to sustain strenuous wearing conditions and is as strong and durable as your car finish. The film can withstand temps of over 500 degrees. That makes it capable to coat gun barrels, engine covers, etc. Rust is no match for Hydro Dipping.

Many patterns can be changed just by changing the basecoat. So if you see a pattern you like but don’t like the color… we can change that.